DO eject the computer or laptop users sometimes forget is finished for various reasons.

Maybe this time we often create the eject / safely sever the flash desire in the upfront we cut off the flash. That thus the issue is, if you frequently reach Eject cut off the flash desire is already know what it does, and what are the assist? Do we lead a lead or loss, or there may not be any shakeup?

Probably furthermore during this period we realize the eject / dive safely cut off flahsdiskketika hurting to unplug the flash just went along considering a friend, any buddy of ours by now unplugging flashdisk they always eject the flash.

When we adding uphill occurring flash into the USB Port Laptop / PC, in addition to automatically the data upon the computer is not total to Flahsdisk (everyone knows most likely), as well as we directly do something events in both hardware is that flash and computer will perform the copy-process pronounce epoxy resin (mutual copying of data).

When we obtain a copy and gum the files that have been copied-pin is actually not directly stored into the flash cry, but yet facility in cache memory.

Actually, the process of transfer of data / files to the cache memory is the entire fast. So, if we entrance our flash diExplore, as if the files we copy-gum had been located and stored in a place as soon as intact.

Any outcome of Not Doing Eject / Safely Remove Drive grouch?

The occurrence causing the Corrupted File

At the period we did the copy into flasdisk once a hefty file size is large ample, you attempt deh clay content in the flash (rather long loading cuys) the size of the files in the flash we think that is plenty.

So definitely we think file copy process has been completed “bearing in mind Keith”, continue straight we draw deh flash is, following we see the file upon irregular computer, the files that we copied earlier will not do its stuff the entry, because it was, the file-nyacorrupt ,

So Do not Know That There’s Still Activities undertaken both devices

As we have discussed above this, if we clearly unplug the flash without eject it first even though copy-attach process is yet ongoing, so we copied the files will not be copied throughout her merge.

Actually you already know, if retract the flash without the Eject / safely flash we will easily damaged. So it is necessary, because if you make a get your hands on of concord of sticking to of your hands on not get it subsequently you flasdisk who will be damaged.