Minimalist house design, modern good simple 2 storey with 3 or 4 beds room has always been the best answer to the problem of the limitation of land or land. The factthat land prices always increase height, needed a way to create a home design that can meet the needs of space by utilizing a narrow ground. The best alternative is to make a model house with 2 floors, minimalist type simple or modern. Many people who have always wanted to have more room in their home. If it remains enforced on a narrow land, then a sense of comfort which has always been the key from a space will be gone, even just a sense of tightness that will be felt. Minimalist kitchen set Malang house design 2 floors may be just the only way to meet the needs you to keep having more room with limited land. Create a design minimalist House 2 floors also is not an easy thing. If you make a mistake in specifying the design, then the expected results will never be achieved. At this time a great many examples of minimalist House 2 floors. The question is why should design minimalist house?” Minimalist house design 2 floors tend to need a budget that is not too much. A model of minimalist House 2 floors will still give an impression of luxury but still cheap.


Minimalist house design 2 floors


Minimalist home design in making 2 floor, it is recommended to not push yourself to have plenty of room. Keep trying to stick to customize it to your needs. When the desire beyond the needs always followed, then the complacency that will never be reached.


Minimalist house design floor 2 simple.
Designing a model of minimalist House 2 floors can be started by setting the roomson the first floor and the second floor room with a full calculation and prudence. There are 7 main types of rooms required on very minimalist house though. The rooms include a bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room andgarage. But in the end if it turns out you don’t have enough space, then you can combine 2 or 3 rooms into a bedroom. An example is combining a kitchen with dining room, even combined with a family room. Specifically for the bathroom to a model of minimalist House 2 floors is simple though, very obliged to make 2 bathroom namely bathroom on the first floor and a bathroom on the second floor. This is done because if you design a bathroom only on the first floor only, so if You‘re like to relieve himself while you are on the 2nd floor, so you have to walk it even ran down the stairs toward the bathroom on the 1st floor. It certainly is not very effective, even very dangerous.


Before you create a design minimalist House 2 floors is simple, we recommend that you immediately to decide how many bedrooms required. Sesuaikanlah with the amount of your child. If you have 2 kids, you can create a model of minimalist House 2 storey 3 bedrooms. If you have 3 kids, you can create a model of minimalist House2 storey 4 bedroom.


Minimalist house model 2 storey 3 bedrooms simple.
Minimalist House 2 storey 3 bedrooms must be designed properly and the third room is positioned correctly. You can place 1 bedroom on the first floor and 2 bedrooms on the second floor. The first dilantai bedroom can be used for you as a parent, and 2 bedrooms on the second floor can be used for your kids. The space should exist in the first floor bedroom is in addition to the kitchen, bathroom, living room andgarage. The garage can be either a space or can be either canopy only. Because in the course of the housing situation will be more secure. For the garage and the kitchen and adjacent cultivated have doors that connect the two, this is due when you receive your guests, and you don’t have anything to be served so you buy them in a store or restaurant, guests will not notice as you enter through the garage toward the kitchen. While space should there be dilantai 2 is a 2 bedroom for your child, 1 bathroom and family room. You can spend the time before sleep in the living room andplay with your kids. At the time it was time to sleep, the second your child can directly access their rooms without having to go up or down stairs. Before sleep make sure your kids brushing my teeth and washing your hands feet which can be done directly in the bathroom on the 2nd floor. Minimalist House floor plan 3 bedrooms can be seen below.


Floor plan of the minimalist House 2 floor 3 rooms TidurGambar floor plan minimalist house 3 bedrooms.